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Nuclear Has Biggest Share Of EU Primary Energy Production, EC Statistics Show

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6 Oct (NucNet): Nuclear energy’s share of primary energy production in the 28 member countries of the EU in 2015 was 221.2 million tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe), representing a 28.3% share – more than any other form of energy, latest statistics show. The European Commission’s ‘Statistical Pocketbook Energy in Figures’ for 2017 shows nuclear was followed by renewables (26.2%) and solid fuel (18.6%). France remained the EU’s leading producer of nuclear energy with 112.84 Mtoe, followed by Germany (23.68) and the UK (18.15). Mtoe is a unit to quantify the amount of energy which is released by the burning of a million tonnes of crude oil. Nuclear accounted for 22.0% of gross inland energy consumption in 2015, second to petroleum and petroleum products (34.4%). Renewables accounted for 13.0%. Gross inland energy consumption is the total energy demand of a country or region, in this case the EU. In 2015 in the EU, nuclear generated 857.1 TWh of electricity, second to renewables, which was 965.8 TWh. Details online: http://bit.ly/2ynLID2

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